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Maureen McLellan

I started going to Camp Ellis when I was a baby my family stated at the Dakota's which was fondly called Worcester by the Sea. I spent the next 28 years vacationing in Camp Ellis with a slew of family members people fondly called the King Family. In the 90's I had the opportunity to move my family to Maine and purchased a home in Camp Ellis and raised my family along with my husband and two girls Ashley and was a wonderul experience. Life has changed and I have moved on back to my hometown but I will always remember my days in Camp Ellis...Each and every opportunity I have to walk the beach and the streets of Camp Eliis bring only found memories. Maureen Berlin.




What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  family, friends, good times

oey & annie wholey

Tuesday, 9/4/07, 8:08 AM

we like to go see the boats in the water, the amusement parks, and visit uncle bob and auntie linda, we like to find shells,walk the jetty, and feed burt & ernie , we stay at nannys house joey 4 & annie 1


chelmsford ma


What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  we like to go see the boats in the water, the amusement parks, and visit uncle bob and auntie linda, we like to find shells,walk the jetty, and feed burt & ernie , we stay at nannys house joey 4 & annie 1


Sandra Bastille

Friday, 8/24/07, 2:26 PM

From:Camp Ellis Beach


Charlie "Pepper" Grigas

Thursday, 7/19/07, 1:14 PM

I spent all my summers and any vacation time I had at my grandparents (marie and Ervin Cunningham) home on Cove Ave. Today it's sandwhiched between Mrs Langeviens New house and her 2nd store location. I remeber the Saturday night movies at the fire house, the minsteril shows in winter, colllecting bottles on the beach and cashing them in for fire works and candy at Langeviens. Played with Roger Abbot,his sister, The Tibbets grils (Patty & Nancy-thier home is noe a B&B) and many of the other summer & year round kids back then. Anybody remember the "Hobby Barn", Mr. Tex, the boatyard down at the end of cove Ave or the old derelict sail boat back in the marsh? How about the old turtle shell that used to adorn the pier or the "Black Hawk" Camp Ellis is at the core of most every pleasant childhood memory that I have. Every time I come home (Nashua, NH) for a visit I find my way back to camp ellis where I park the car and walk the sreets remebering the way it was and the endless summers of fun and excitement then topped of with 2 or 3 lobsters at Wormwoods. Several years back I stopped at Mrs Langeviens original store on the corner and remarked to the young lady that i used to come there as a kid. She immediately infromed me that I was misinformed anmd that Mrs Langeviene's one and only store was the little one over on Cove Ave. I asked her how long she had been living in Camp Ellis and she said 12 years. I just smiled and walked out.......newcomers Hurumph!!!


Mission Viejo, Ca



Tuesday, 7/17/07, 4:19 PM



What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  FISHING OFF THE BEACH, WONDERFUL MEMORIES WITH ALL MY 5 CHILDREN


Monday, 7/16/07, 4:55 PM

Tim, the cameras at the pier are in fact security cameras for the city of Saco.



Sunday, 7/15/07, 6:26 AM

john from saco wasn't man enough to put his email on that comment kathy from camp ellis 

john vereker

Saturday, 7/14/07, 2:53 PM

hi every one i have just arrived today and have been asked about those nasty e-mails that have been sent on this book i am john from n. chelmsford not john from saco. when ever i comment on this sight i use my e mail add. please do not confuse me with john from saco thank you




Spiros "Speed" Papleacos Friday, 7/13/07, 8:49 AM
I grew up on 9 Fairhaven Avenue, and knew the Macris's, Chase's, Jewetts, Millers, Walkers, O'Sullivans, Pendletons, Crosby's Larochelles, Hardmans, and ole miz Perkins among others. I do remember Camp Ellis when there was plenty of beach on the point. As a kid (showing my age)I fished on the "Seahawk" a time or two. The breakwater or jetty had barely been started. The Saco river was extremely polluted, but still had huge stripers. What a storm! It broke my heart when I saw Joe Hardman's house wiped out. I had my first beer, a sixteen ounce Shlitz, on that porch one hot August day. I still have family in Maine, and try to contact friends when I sneak up for visits and stuff on fried clams! Saco Bay and the Camp Ellis/Ferry Beach area are a treasure to me. I'll be up in August!
From: Ferry Beach, currently Laurens, SC
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  wonderful memories
john Wednesday, 7/4/07, 4:50 AM
tim thanks so much for the instructions on the cam i am back on line thank you
From: n. chelmsford ma
Tim Tuesday, 7/3/07, 6:48 PM
I believe the cameras on the pier are private, for city use only. They are a security system for the pier. Tim
From: Camp Ellis
Sharon Tuesday, 7/3/07, 5:37 PM
There are cameras on Camp Ellis pier. Does anyone know if you can access them on line? Thank you. Sharon
Harry Tuesday, 7/3/07, 3:03 PM
Would like to see the whole beach, seagulls, etc. not just the jetty. thanks
From: Stonehama
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Having my 5 children and 9 grandchildren enjoy the beach, swimming and restaraunts, etc. Watching them all grow up healthy & happy Thank God.
john vereker Tuesday, 7/3/07, 9:20 AM
hi tim since the new cam i have not been able view the beach message reads publisher unknown is there any way around this pls. e-mail if i can thanks so much john veJohn reker
From: ma
Raymond E.LaMarche Sunday, 7/1/07, 2:46 PM
My wife Gloria and I have been going to O.O.B. for over 30years, and have visited Camp Ellis every season. We've shopped in the quaint little shops and have eaten many many meals at Huots. I found your site while surfing the net. I followed the tragic storm and flooding as well as the other damages that ossured this spring. I notice that you have a cam, I am unable to open the site using my name and pass word. Would it be possible to recieve from you what I need to visit the cam on Camp Ellis THank You Ray E. LaMarche
From: Chicopee, Mass.
  Thursday, 6/28/07, 3:23 AM
hi tim could u leave directions on how to operate the camera i have no pic thanks
kathy stiling Monday, 6/18/07, 7:06 PM
i love camp ellis, friendy people and a beautiful ocean . just wish it were larger like it was 30 years ago . would be nice to have at least a day a week to clean the beach like it was done years ago. it's not that big any more so it wouldn't take much time. maybe we can get a few good residents together to do this. :) kathy
From: camp ellis
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  family vacations every august since i was 3 , loved it so much i moved to camp ellis :)
Karen Ball Tuesday, 6/12/07, 2:21 PM
From: Jaffrey NH
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Spent the entire summers of my childhood into adulthood. Now I visit as much as possible. Daughter of Jack & Judy Reynolds
Thea Thursday, 6/7/07, 3:47 PM
I would like to see more of the beach with people walking and the seaguls. Thanks.
From: Boston
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Friends, family, food
Ari Thursday, 5/31/07, 3:45 PM
Let's see more of the beach and people walking on the beach. It's really serene. Nice to see the seagulls too.
From: Hanover
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Friends, fun, Huots, and surfing
john Thursday, 5/31/07, 3:37 AM
over the weekend it was so nice to see the beach, and people walking around. on the web cam. hope to see more of it.
From: n. chelmsford ma.
JEANNE(DEMETROULAKOS) ORGO Wednesday, 5/30/07, 4:59 PM
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  THE BEAUTIFUL BEACH,AND THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE
Bertha Wednesday, 5/30/07, 6:26 AM
What a beautiful weekend. While enjoying the sunshine and the beach with my family it was hard not to be sad. The big gaping hole where two familes had there homes. Generations of memories swept out to sea. A grim reminder were the concrete blocks on the shore. My heart goes out to the families. It's still a wonderful place to be but somehow there is such a feeling of loss. Do all houses have to be built like the OOB pier?
From: Ferry Beach, Plaistow, NH
Sharon Tuesday, 5/29/07, 2:02 PM
I would try Faye Casey for rentals , she has many home available in the area And at reasonable rates. She is a nice person to deal with. We have off season weeks still available if interested Blue Pearl cottage
From: CT
Web Site:
  Tuesday, 5/29/07, 6:11 AM
Susan, If you are looking for a place to rent in July or August you should leave your email address or contact the web master and he may be able to give you the name of a few people to contact.
From: Camp Ellis
susan Saturday, 5/26/07, 3:02 PM
I really liked the picture of the ocean, but now all I am seeing is houses. Anyway, of getting it back to the original way it was? Also, anyone renting reasonably in July or August for a week? Thanks.
From: Mass.
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  The getty for fishing
Julie A McLeod Saturday, 5/26/07, 5:04 AM
From: Andover, Mass and Saco Maine
Web Site:
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  My husband and his family have been coming to this area since he was a child in the 1960's
susan Friday, 5/25/07, 7:42 AM
I really like the picture on the web of the ocean and the seagulls. It would be nice to have some mellow music in the background. I feel like I am up at Camp Ellis. It's so beautiful and serene, and I start my day by seeing the waves and the tide.
From: lexington, ma
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  sunrises
  Wednesday, 5/23/07, 3:36 AM
I appreciate Steve's comment about keeping this message board positive...because if everyone who loves Camp Ellis weighed in here it would easily be chuck block full of all the wonder that is in our hearts about this great place. But I must put down this quote from the late Manchester NH newspaper publisher William Loeb who wrote editorials that pissed off a many of people: "I don't care what you think, just as long as you think."
From: manchester, nh
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  all good
steve Monday, 5/21/07, 10:08 AM
I really love the picture on the web page. It's serene to see the waves of the ocean and the seagulls flying. Let's keep this page to some happy memories and good times. Everyone suffers as this is a temporary world and Camp Ellis gives us each a little piece of heaven....
From: boston
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  catching fish off the beach in camp ellis
Kellie Monday, 5/21/07, 9:18 AM
Hello John, I was not going to respond to your comment but after reading it several times I feel I must. First of all, to suggest we let anyones home fall into the ocean is ridiculous (weren't your concerned about homelessness).Would you let yours fall into the ocean,or purposely burn down lets say. Secondly, to catagorize these homes as "exclusive"... Have you even been to CAMP ELLIS? Like it has been said many times before these homes are primarily converted camps/cottages.Just because people have tried to update their homes and take care of their property doesn't make them "exclusive" and most of these homes weren't water front to begin with. So let's get that out of your system and move on. Now as far as the homeless situation and poverty, that is an on going problem everywhere. However, being a social worker that deals with these problems day in and day out I would love to see what you actually do to help the homeless and the feed the poor. There are alot of people out there like your self that run off at the mouth but never put your money where your mouth is. The erosion problem and proverty issues are two different animals or apples and oranges if that is easier for you to understand.
From: Camp Ellis/Dracut MA.
Concerned for John Monday, 5/21/07, 8:56 AM
John, please leave your home address. That way, I can come by your home later this week to decide it's value and how well you are utilizing it. Then I can decide how much MORE you have than you NEED. Once I have moved you into housing more suited to your needs, I can divide the proceeds of the sale of your home (to the priveledged who can afford such luxery and have no compassion for the poor, etc) among those I feel are more needy than you. Thanks for your concern. Now, go play in traffic.
From: Earth (unlike some)
John Monday, 5/21/07, 6:27 AM
I find it hard to believe that people are having their vacation homes (or waterfront residences) subsidized when so many are homeless or without proper health care. If you had the slightest bit of compassion you would allow your exclusive home to slide into the sea and then encourage the government to give the money to the poor.
From: Saco
Paul Tringali Sunday, 5/20/07, 4:21 PM
From: Windham, Maine
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  I own property @ 14 North Ave
Tim Mueller Wednesday, 5/16/07, 5:37 PM
We'd like to hold an open meeting of SOS on Sunday, May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend) to discuss the passage of WRDA and what this means, as well as discuss the next steps that will occur. A vote will be taken as well to nominate and elect officers to the SOS board. Please drop me a line at if you are interested in a postion on the board, or would like to nominate someone for a position. Be sure to include their email or telephone number so I can contact them. Tim
From: Dracut, MA and Camp Ellis, ME
Web Site: SOS Camp Ellis Beach
Raymond E. LaMarche Tuesday, 5/15/07, 11:16 AM
From: Mass
Web Site: theclip154
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  HUOT'S
David G. Rock Monday, 5/7/07, 4:27 PM
Camp Ellis is all what I have always pictured as life on the coast in Maine. I have been fishing off the Jetty for over 30 years and visit Camp Ellis many times during the course of the year. Love to eat at Wormwoods, and the scallops at Huots are the best. Hope SOS will work for the final solution to fortify the boundries of Camp Ellis.
From: Springfield MA.
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Early Morning Fall Fishing for stripers off of the Jetty.
stephanie Sunday, 5/6/07, 3:23 PM
Can you keep the picture of Camp Ellis Beach on the web page? It is really soothing and they sky is so pretty. I really love the sunrises in Camp Ellis Beach. Hanging out with all our Summer friends. The Biddly Bop on the Beach..... Does anyone remember that? Onion Rings at Huots. French Fries...... So many memories and so much fun........
From: braintree
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Swimming, sandbars, ice cream, friends from all over
Ted and Linda Thursday, 5/3/07, 4:46 PM
From: Sarasota, Fl & Higgins Deach
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  FRIED CLAMS & GREAT FISHING
habeeb Friday, 4/27/07, 7:30 AM
From: mass.
Web Site: habeeb
Bertha Friday, 4/27/07, 5:33 AM
My early memories of Ferry Beach are of my mother cooking on a wood stove in July. I remember putting a card in the window so the ice man stopped to sell us ice for the ice box. There is something so special about the Ferry Beach Camp Ellis area it's hard to put into words. It's hard working families that truly care about each other. Those who only spend the summer there still have dear friends they look forward to seeing every year. Many of the year round residents were fishermen or lobstermen who made their living from the sea. Does anyone remember those little purple flowers that grew among the sea grass? Now they have been washed out to sea. Summer homes have been passed down generations. When I see headlines of the finacial loss I think of the emotional loss as well. I think of one family I know whose mother has passed on but her picture and her apron still hang on the wall. A lot of these folks have to rent now just to pay their taxes. I grant you that here and there someone comes in and builds a big house and thinks this makes them so much better than the rest. Somehow they just don't fit in. Ferry Beach, Camp Ellis is more than a beach. It's a way of life. Something very special in this fast pace world we live in. You really have to pity those that say let it go out to sea. They really don't have a clue what it's all about. Just take a minute and smell that sea air.
From: Plaistow, NH / Ferry Beach
Web Site: Nubble56
Patricia Zifchock Mehrtens Thursday, 4/26/07, 10:15 AM
In 1948 my Dad bought a house on Surf St. which in its later years belonged to Shorey. We used to leave RI the last day of school and return on Labor Day. So it was considered our second home and we did know the kids from Camp Ellis, too. After Dad sold the property we continued renting a cottage from Walter York up on Beacon Avenue for many years up until the last couple ones. Was really sad to see the major damage done on Surf Street from the April storm. Unbelievable!! We knew Captain Hardman growing up and were friends with the family for a long time. Hope the feds will finally do sosmething about the breakwater problem!!
From: Burrillville, Rhode Island
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Ferry Beach/Camp Ellis
Kellie Thursday, 4/26/07, 4:43 AM
From: Camp Ellis
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Great family memories and lots of beach time!
Brett & Kelly Fay Wednesday, 4/25/07, 5:47 PM
From: Chelmsford, Ma
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Getting Engaged on the Beach
Jean Leach Wednesday, 4/25/07, 1:48 PM
From: Ocean Park, ME
Tim Mueller Wednesday, 4/25/07, 11:00 AM
I'd like to take a minute to thank the Shoreline Commission, and EXPECIALLY Sandy Bastille for their hard work and dilligience in getting SOS and Camp Ellis to this point in this process. Sandy, you did a tremendous job keeping the meeting on track and directing the discussions. I was glad to see someone was able to take control of the group! To echo Sandy's words, thank you to all who took time from their schedules and cleanup tasks to attend the meeting. Your attendance shows concern and solidarity to the officials that they woouldn't see otherwise. We got a lot of information last night, and I will try to put it all in an easy to access spot here on the SOS website. Again, thanks to all of the shoreline commission members for their hard work and commitment to making sure the city and state knows that Camp Ellis is an important and vibrant community. Tim Mueller
From: Camp Ellis Beach and Dracut, MA
Web Site: SOS Camp Ellis
Sandra Bastille Wednesday, 4/25/07, 10:20 AM
I wanted to thank all of the individuals that came to last nights meeting 04/24/07 at Wormwood's resturant. I know it did not seem like we got a lot accomplished but this process has been a long hard strugle. The biggest barrier we have to date is going to be when the recomendations are agreed upon which the city will accept as they are very un easy about committing to expending the money for the ongong maintanance that they will be asked to participate in. The commission is working on TIF programs and other avenues that will help for those costs. There is a certin amount of money spent already by the city for our maintanance that we have included in that figure. Being creative with this aspect will be of great importance. Stay the course and keep hounding those diplomats... Thanks again
From: Camp Ellis Beach
Sue Wednesday, 4/25/07, 8:19 AM
On our wall on Eagle Ave you will see pictures of my greatgrandmother, my grandmother with her sisters and brother, my mother, my brothers and sisters, our children and their children all on the beach that is being swept away. I hope now that the Army Corp of Engineers has admitted the Jetty is the problem that it will be corrected so future generations will part of our wall of memories
From: Fremont NH/Eagle Ave Saco
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  my childhood, my childrens childhood, my grandchildren's childhood
Meg Bieler Tuesday, 4/24/07, 4:06 PM
From: Milford, CT
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  the fishin optician, sand dollars, early morning beach time
John Dymes Monday, 4/23/07, 5:32 PM
It's terrible damage that you have recieved. Hopefully someday the Corps of Eng. will correct their mistakes.
From: Newfane, NY
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Come every year to Eagle Ave.

Pat Dougan Monday, 4/23/07, 5:06 PM
My family has been vacationing in the Old Orchard Beach Maine area for over fifty years. I have nine brothers and sisters and over forty nieces and nephews that still come up to Old Orchard, Camp Ellis and Pine Point every weekend of the vacation season. We spend thousands of dollars in resturants, hotels, grocery stores and other locations. It bothers us when we see reference to the dreaded out of staters. I know it may be a nusiance to have us invade your area for a few months a year but the alternative is to lose all the monies we spend in your area. It really saddens me to see all the destruction you have suffered and would love to beable to assist in the clean-up. I feel like we are part of your community. All of my child hood memories are of Whip a Will camp ground with Al and Flo Blow and their families and many other people from that camp ground. Also eating many dinners with 20 or more of us at Wormwood's. Please do not refer to us as dreaded vistors. I love Maine and yes I will be back again this year.
From: Worcester, Ma
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  many many many
don briand Monday, 4/23/07, 3:03 PM
I can not believe the damage that the storm caused. I have been vacationing at this location for over forty years. I hope the people of Maine know that our thoughts are with them and we hope they are able to get help from FEMA.
From: charlton, mass
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  many
Dolores Bedard Currier Monday, 4/23/07, 11:18 AM
From: Plainfield - NH
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  grew up in Saco-sister lives in Camp Ellis
Dolores Bedard Currier Monday, 4/23/07, 11:18 AM
From: Plainfield - NH
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  grew up in Saco-sister lives in Camp Ellis
Sandy Bastille Monday, 4/23/07, 6:55 AM
From: Camp Ellis Beach, Maine
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  everything you can imagine
sherry ober Thursday, 4/19/07, 3:39 PM
From: 19 eagle ave saco
Amy Federico Thursday, 4/19/07, 12:32 PM
My family owns a home on Eagle Ave and I am proud to say that I have many memories at Camp Ellis. I spent many summers with my Grandparents there and now I'm bringing my own children. It saddens me to no end that such destruction has taken place on our beach... My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy and I hope to visit this weekend to see if there is anything I can do to help. Much love.
From: Derry NH
Web Site: Amy's Myspace
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  My family has been a part of camp ellis for over 5 generations (mostly summertime)
Georgia Chakalis Verenis Wednesday, 4/18/07, 5:25 PM
About 45 years ago you really had to walk to the ocean from our home on 43 Main & North Street. It was so beautiful and serene. We use to play by Huot's on the swing set and hang out. Tom Dube use to sing me Beatle's songs from my bedroom window. I love Camp Ellis and it is sad that our family is selling our little cottage with lots of memories.
From: Hanover MA
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  The beautiful sunrises
John Tuesday, 4/17/07, 1:53 PM
I hope they let you in. National Guardsmen and local authorities have been checking IDs on Bayview/Ferry Road and at the church in Camp Ellis. I don't think Huot's takeout will be open this weekend.....
From: CampEllis America
John and Roxanne Tuesday, 4/17/07, 6:32 AM
Hi, Any feedback on this horrible storm from those in Camp Ellis? We have seen pictures and some video. We will be up there hopefully on Wednesday. If our place is ok, we want to offer our help to those that have not been as fortunate. We are on Camp Ellis Ave. Our thoughts are with everyone in the area
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  The Storm
paul schoenbeck Monday, 4/16/07, 5:55 AM
i boarded up the house yesterday in preparation for the storm. many passersby just asked,"why are you doing that?" apparantly they did not see the news warnings for the previous 2 days. just want to encourage all to keep a constant letter campaign to Sen. Snowe.
From: surf st
Web Site: northcountrydental
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  serene sunrises
john vereker Monday, 4/16/07, 4:37 AM
i am a newcomer just last summer but my new family (by marriage) has been comming for years. its heaven
From: n. chelmsford ma
chris larochelle Sunday, 4/15/07, 7:15 PM
Great site! Nice to be living in Camp ellis, America again. Big night of the storm, hope everything stays put. I posted some pics of camp ellis reflected in the giant puddles that were left after the last storm... see you this summer.
From: camp ellis
Web Site: gallery 27
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  sand, pine trees, fried food.
JIM webster Sunday, 4/15/07, 6:21 PM
Crystal Sunday, 4/8/07, 1:07 PM
We bought a summer house in Camp Ellis last May of 2006 and love it there.
From: Massachusetts
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  We bought a summer house
John Monday, 4/2/07, 2:27 PM
Huot's take out opens for the weekend of April 20 - 22 and the restaurant opens on Thursday the 26th!!!
From: Camp Ellis - America!
Mary Ann Wednesday, 3/28/07, 8:02 AM
So many memories at Ferry Beach/Camp Ellis....being a teenager and getting a great tan while flirting with the lifeguards...Huots clam chowder and french fries on the pier...Langevins for penny candy...making friends for a lifetime....buying trinkets at Midges before I could even see over the counter...feeling like I never wanted to leave. Finally, leaving NY for awhile and attending college at USM...eventually as an adult, buying a home in OOB. Then, buying another home in OOB and hopefully in the near future,will end up being in the one place in the world I have always truly felt was home. I will never be a true "Mainer" but will always have its best interest at heart. See you on the beach....
From: New York
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Over 40 years of long walks on the beach....
unknown Saturday, 3/24/07, 6:39 PM
As near as I can tell, to be considered a "true" Mainer by some, you had to emerge from the sea onto a Maine beach sporting gills. And even then, you had to hit the shore north of Portland. By the way, do you think most true Mainers know that Maine was orignally a part of Massachusetts?? Ayup. In fact, the same Congress that now has the ability to save Camp Ellis with passage of the WRDA and funding the Army Corps of Engineers project established Maine as a sovereign state in 1820. Go figya.
out of stater Saturday, 3/24/07, 1:38 PM
How far back in time does your family have to live in maine be to be a mainer??
From: ct
Tim Mueller Monday, 3/19/07, 1:07 PM
Hi folks. As you are aware, we got hit pretty hard with the St. Patrick's Day storm of 2007. Surf Rd. took a pounding, disintegrating more of the raod that has been a target of storms for years. The city is to start emergency repairs this week to allow residents (yes, even the dreaded out-of- staters) access to their homes. Some of you might have been watching things progress over the web using the webcam. I hope this is providing you with a view of the area at times when some of us aren't fortunate enough to be there personally. If you have video or photos of the storm, please email them to me at I'd like to forward some of these to our governmental policymakers to help them understand how important Camp Ellis is to our friends and families. On a personal note, while I understand that it might be frustrating that "out of staters" own property (and pay taxes year round) at Camp Ellis, Rangley Lake, Sunday River, Sebago Lake and many of Maine's other beautiful areas, keep in mind that many of these "million dollar homes (which is an exageration, usually) have been passed down through generations. Homes that you see for sale in Camp Ellis are usually out of dire necessity or a becasue of a purchase made without an understanding of one of Maine's special requirements; caring for your neighbor's well being. Have a great March, and let's hope for an early Summer! Tim Mueller SOS Webmaster
From: Dracut and Camp Ellis
Web Site: SOS Camp Ellis
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  15 years of good times... so far!
  Sunday, 3/18/07, 4:51 AM
Dear Seth, Thank you for your positive comments about the beach community I love so very much. I am an out-of-stater that you can find combing the beach for litter, picking up trash along the streets the morning after, and cleaning up after the pigs that neglect to pick up after their dogs (and that's even the small adorable doggies!). Please don't dis the out-of-staters because I write your congresswomen, donate to the SOS cause, pay Maine tolls and a large proportion of Maine taxes. I work very hard for my little piece of heaven up there and love and respect it very much.
From: Manchester, NH
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  all good
seth dube Thursday, 3/15/07, 11:03 AM
My Camp Ellis memories are as a kid growing up down there before it was taken over by out of staters, when a mainer could still afford to buy a house down there. To Bad times have changed and so has Camp Ellis.
From: maine
Rob West Wednesday, 1/31/07, 6:04 AM
My family has been going to camp ellis for generations. there are pictures of my entire famliy as kids on that beach. our family rented the old stevens cottage at the corner of eagle ave for 6 weeks every year. the stevens cottage is gone and we now own a house on eagle ave. I remember as a kid we couldnt see the ocean over the dunes now there arent any. i also remember the front road was paved the whloe way now half of it is dirt and blocked off. it is amazing how our beaches are dissappearing yet in biddeford pool there is a sand bar so large you are able to walk out to seagull island (the one with the monument on it). beach erosion is a huge problem for camp ellis and ferry beach. some of my best childhood memories are at camp ellis. i just hope that it is still there for my grandchildren. as a kid it was the best thing going to maxies for ice cream now there not open. no Skip we have not forgiven you yet.
From: Southern NH
Dave Cardinal Thursday, 12/21/06, 7:10 PM
I have been going there for the last 50 years. My family owns a home on Riverside Ave.We use it year round. No matter how much you are there it is for ever changing. One thing for sure the beach gets smaller and smaller.I rember as a kid it seemed it took for ever to walk to the water. Not any more now the water is almost up to the road. It even comes over the Jersy Barriers at times. I do miss Lee Leblanc the most the "mayor of Camp Ellis", Though I am happy Dan and Bonny bought the Leblanc home it could not of gone to better people.
From: Fitchburg,MA./ Camp Ellis,ME.
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  All the changes
Billie Monday, 12/18/06, 6:27 PM
My fiance proposed to me Thursday, December 14th, 2006 at the location of your webcam! Maybe someone saw it! That is so neat.
From: South Portland
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  my engagement!
Shelley Friday, 12/8/06, 9:15 PM
I am considering moving there.
From: Iowa
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  none
Linda Lesco Thursday, 11/30/06, 5:37 PM
I remember going to Camp Ellis as a child with my parents. Enjoying the great sea food and gift shops ... just taking it all in. Having moved to Maine 3 yrs. ago I find myself now living here where some of my best childhood memories were created! If someone would of said to me ... when you grow up you will be living here. I never would have believed them. Now at age 35 and my son of 13. I find myself making a new home for my family and I. Surround by Great neighbors and friends "Mig" :)and a awesome landlord ... memories are still being created.
From: MA
  Friday, 11/24/06, 4:17 AM
Beverly, we would love to see your old photos too. Hope you can send them in to be posted here. Big changes are happening. Wormwood's old boat yard, the "Little Red Riding" house, the house just south of it and the fishing shacks/boat houses have been removed to make way for new construction. Right now a great view can be had of the river/cove from North Ave.
From: Manchester, NH
John Monday, 11/13/06, 8:45 AM
Beverly, Nice post. It would be interesting to see your old Camp Ellis Beach photos! Saw Midge not too long ago - she is a wonderful person. Where is the "Godly Cottage"? Thanx - John
From: Camp Ellis America
Beverly Rouillard Sunday, 11/12/06, 4:03 PM
I was born and raised in Saco and have been going to Huots and Camp Ellis since I was a little girl (1950 ish)with my Mom Pauline and Dad Armand. I use to play on the board walk of the train old station. I've fished from the chain of rocks, and rented the Godly Cottage for one winter. My brother Ray used to fix lobster boat engins there for lots of the local lobstermen. I have tons of pictures of the area. Midge Sanborn is a friend of mine. It feels so good to be able to go to the web cam and see the river and ocean when ever I get home sick. Thanks for making this site available to everyone. Beverly Rouillard
From: Chesterland, OH
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  My most favorit place in the World
Bill Tracy Thursday, 10/19/06, 7:26 AM
From: Pennsylvania
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Wonderful !!!
MArio Denis Saturday, 9/30/06, 4:07 AM
From: Québec/Canada
Frank Baker Monday, 9/11/06, 2:31 PM
Visited in summer of 2006.Had a great time on your beach and caught my first fish out of the ocean..My family had a great time there.Now I am looking for rental info for Camp Ellis.We drove down from Old Orchard and I liked the peace and quiet of Ellis a lot. Frank
From: Dorchester Ontario Canada
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Good
Hope Ricciotti Sunday, 9/3/06, 9:48 AM
Why cant we plan dune grass at camp ellis beach instead of the cement barriers? We could do it as a community project. With time, the sand might build up on there, just as it has on the homes at the end of the street.
From: 39 Main Ave
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  All wonderful
  Friday, 8/4/06, 6:47 PM
She was Golden..... A special friend. Like the sunshine Making things happy and so very special She taught her friend to climb the rocks to swim and enjoy a very special place... Camp Ellis......
From: Jersey too
Nan Friday, 8/4/06, 11:42 AM
August 2006.....The little beach that mostly disappears at highest tide does not look the same. Something or someone is missing. Where is that dog, the golden one who swam and swam and swam some more, leaping, bounding, flying, diving, smiling, laughing ever more? Squinting through rainbows of saltwater tears, up from dark depths and riding white foam waves with unicorns, the only dog I ever saw who BODY SURFED!!!!! Peabo, we will miss you.
From: Jersey
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  Very, very special................
sherry and robert bailey Saturday, 7/29/06, 7:30 PM
3 years ago we stumbled across this little fishing village by chance,if it wernt for our plans of going to the same lake house for the last 20 years falling apart and us then having to scramble the last minute to find a vacation spot for the week we never would have been aware of this wonderfull little village,and since then for the past 2 years we make it a tradition to come up at least for the day every year,our kids love it, we go crabbing on the dock,fish off the pier and simply soak in the sun and look for little creaturs in the tide pool,people we come across are warm,friendly,down to earth people and nobody is in a rush..we are in fact planning a suprise trip up tomorow,the kids are un aware where we are going but will be so happy when the reolise we are going to that cute little fishing village " camp ellis "
From: nashua nh
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  crabbing
jeri Tuesday, 7/25/06, 9:35 AM
Everyday here is a new experience and i wake up everyday and have my coffee looking at the beautiful ocean and thankyou Tim for making it so nice with the web cam and thanks for being awsom neighbors. Jeri and Gil
From: camp ellis
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  i live here
sharon Sunday, 7/23/06, 6:44 AM
Tim T The New Video Cam is awesome. You have out done yourself. If you are looking for another location to install a cam let me know, our home is available to you. We live in Ct, And have a cottge on Eastern ave. wathing your cam makes us feel like we are there enjoying the beach. It is definitely the next best thing then being there. Keep up the good work, we love your site and will send it to all our renters and friends Thanks Sharon and Frank Vivolo
From: connecticut
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What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  The beautiful ocean views from our window seat
SHARON KIZNER Thursday, 7/13/06, 8:43 AM
Michelle Thursday, 7/13/06, 7:49 AM
We would go up to Camp Ellis with my family and stay at my cousins house on the beach.. Most fondest memory would be being up there for hurricane Bob. Stayin at the house til the Chief came and told us to leave. Having to sit in the back of a pick up to go to the shelter!! Parents still go up there. I go when I can. I love going there.
Jeliene Sunday, 6/18/06, 6:24 PM
I have been going to Camp Ellis Beach for 24 years now and every year I still get excited as if it were my first time!
From: CT
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  My Favorite Place
Lisa Saturday, 6/17/06, 4:22 PM
Cannot wait to come back - and relax.......There is no other place quite like Camp Ellis !
From: NJ
What are your memories of the Camp Ellis area?  All Fond.....
Tim Mueller Saturday, 6/17/06, 6:37 AM
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From: Camp Ellis and Dracut
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